RMI – Product Returns Management

August 4, 2015

Refurbishing & Analysis

Returns are generally thought of as losses, however in many cases, there are opportunities to recover salable units. With decades of experience in improving Return on Investment rates for products, this is our specialty. From as simple as sort and glean, to as complex as UL certified remanufacturing, RMI can help you recover valuable products and improve your bottom line.


Refurbishing & Analysis Services offered:

  • Sort and glean
  • Repair and recertification
  • Cosmetic repair
  • Failure analysis
  • Consumer Simulated Test Center (CSTC)
  • Remanufacturing
  • Warranty fulfillment

Nothing is perfect. Stop problems before they reach consumers and returns before they start by discovering issues that arise when going from engineering phase to pre production to mass production. RMI can help you discover potential problems with production with our Consumer Simulated Testing Center (CSTC).


There are multiple outlets for returned product:

  • Do nothing – Pay returns logistics and storage and recover no money and the product you have invested in.
  • Liquidate – Recover a small percentage of your product cost, while sacrificing control of your brand name and quality.
  • Outlet/overstock stores – Similar to liquidation, generally for discontinued product lines, potential of damaging brand name
  • Donate – Very costly often not economically viable.
  • Destroy/Write-off – Recover no product cost, pay for destruction to maintain brand quality. Can be quite expensive.
  • Private resale channel – Product that is able to be refurbished or is of verifiable quality can recover up to 70% retail price, while controlling brand name and quality.

What to do with returned product is often a large undertaking when the right resources are not allocated to do so. Your returned products are an important data set. If you are not currently organizing and understanding at least some portion of your returns you are losing out on valuable information. RMI will take your customer returns and provide you with a report of what defects were found.