RMI – Product Returns Management

RMI – Product Returns Management

Turn your returns into a competitive advantage



Whether you need one, or several of our services, we can help! We start by evaluating your current processes, then make recommendations based upon your budget and needs.
Go to Receive & Credit

Receive & Credit

Strengthen vendor and customer relations by streamlining and accelerating account crediting services.

Go to Refurbishing & Analysis

Refurbishing & Analysis

Gain insightful statistics about your product that help prevent returns, by utilizing our experienced engineers and technicians

Go to Recover Product

Recover Product

Go from loss…to profit. Increase revenue by moving re-salable product quickly through the returns process and back into the marketplace

Go to Recycle


Help save the world! We’re all in this together, show your consumers that you’re willing to do your part and boast your social responsibility by keeping your product out of landfills!

Go to Distribution & Warehousing

Distribution & Warehousing

Save money on shipping across the U.S. by utilizing our centrally located Chicago, IL location. Do you have expensive or sensitive product? Ask us about our secure warehousing.

Go to Cloud Based Inventory

Cloud Based Inventory

Check inventory status, collect inventory data, and generate reports from anywhere.

Go to Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Prevent returns through utilizing simple tamper proof concepts. Just ask our packaging experts!

Go to Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation

Improve new product performance and reliability through testing, evaluation, and trend recognition. Ask us about our consumer simulation testing!

How can RMI help you?

Let's take a look at the consumer returns industry and its trends and projections
RMI has the knowledge & experience to help combat these industry trends.

According to a study by Accenture, "U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry Faces a Projected $17 Billion Product Returns Bill This Year, Accenture Research Finds” Customers returning electronics products will cost U.S. consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers nearly $17 billion, an increase of 21 percent from 2007 to 2011. This creates a significant opportunity for companies to separate themselves from their competitors and cut costs by pro-actively reducing their returns. These high return rates can easily be seen as unsustainable to a company that does not have a returns plan in place, in an industry sector where competition is always growing and margins are razor thin. Thus, having a comprehensive returns plan can be an opportunity to separate yourself from competitors and become your advantage. Utilizing our suite of services, RMI can customize a pro-active returns plan that will prevent returns and streamline your existing returns process.

  • only 5 percent of returns are related to actual product defects

  • 27 percent of consumer returns are attributed to buyer's remorse

  • 68 percent of returned products are characterized as "No Trouble Found" when the product was tested against relevant specifications

  • In order to stay competitive in today's market, you need to have a plan for all of your returned products.


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