RMI – Product Returns Management

July 29, 2015

Product Evaluation

You are either getting better, or you are getting worse. Don’t fall behind in the age of analytics; learn more about your product. If your returns rates are too high, the most effective way to prevent returns is to understand why they are being returned in the first place. Ensuring acceptable quality levels is a great way to assure what is being manufactured is acceptable, but what about after its first use, or a month, or six months? Our Consumer Simulation-Testing Center (CSTC) utilizes dedicated technicians to collect data about your products performance. Educating yourself about your products’ longevity and field defect rates provides insight into failures that can’t be found in first-use testing.

RMI’s CSTC offers:

  • Customized testing procedures to ensure valuable data collection
  • Receive & test product with traceability to manufacturing plant/line/shift #
  • Root cause analysis and failure reports
  • CSTC weekly data reports and summaries

Launching a new product line? Consult us first. Let’s make sure that it is everything you thought it would be. When moving from engineering phase to pre-production to mass production, a lot can change. Let us help you make sure that it doesn’t.