RMI – Product Returns Management

August 4, 2015

Cloud Based Inventory

Save money, time, and peace of mind with our user-friendly cloud based inventory system.

Our low-cost inventory software will help save you money. Large companies spend over $100,000 on Inventory or Warehouse Management Systems. With most systems adding on the necessary additional users can be a few hundred or thousand dollars per user! We’ll provide the inventory tracking you need, with the price you want.

Inventory tracking can take a lot of precious time. Confusing software makes it difficult to complete simple tasks, making collaborating with other difficult costing precious work hours that can be spent somewhere else. Our inventory tracking will allow you to produce reports easily. Need regular reporting on inventory and no time? Let us prepare the reports for you, on your schedule.

Scared of changing systems? Don’t be. Some of our clients use our system in conjunction with their existing internal ERP systems. With accurate and near mistake free reporting, enjoy peace of mind knowing that at any time you know what is located within our facility at RMI.