RMI – Product Returns Management

September 26, 2018

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Products Manufacturer and Retailer

Back Story

A consumer company manufacturing and retailing over 15,000 sku’s of audio equipment, air cleaners, optical devices, massage chairs and other high value products was looking for a returns processing and fulfillment solution to meet its expanding sales numbers.  Difficulty projecting future growth and seasonality showed that they needed a flexible services model allowing them to adjust warehouse capacity and personnel in line with their volumes.  This client’s management also needed a tracking system and communications structure that would provide them with real-time data, an element that was lacking within their current service organization.


Returns Management Inc. presented this growing consumer company with an integrated solution providing returns processing, storage, and order fulfillment all in one convenient location.  RMI established a single point of personal contact to facilitate and improve communication. RMI established a VPN tunnel (and appropriate security protocols) with the client that permits RMI to input production and inventory information in the clients proprietary inventory and product management system.

RMI provided an inventory reconciliation process that provides them with visibility and control of their entire product stock in real time.  Tracking reports detailing what has been shipped, complete with tracking numbers and pricing, give the client’s management teams an accurate, detailed, and up-to-date status of their returns processes, fulfillment, and order status. RMI regularly performs additional services that include engineering analysis, detailed product inspection and testing, remanufacturing, relabeling, repackaging, and reshipment.


Partnering with RMI allowed this client to roll out new products and year after year increase their sales volume without having to worry about insufficient returns management and warehouse capacity.  They have confidence that they will be able to fill their secondary sales orders when customer orders suddenly increase.  RMI’s team increased flexibility in their system and reporting techniques to provide all of their managers and employees with the information they need to make informed decisions. Average product recovery increased from 22% to over 91% with an  increase in sales price by nearly 40%.