RMI – Product Returns Management

September 26, 2018

Consumer Products

Consumer Products Manufacturer

Back Story

A consumer company manufacturing and distributing over 100 sku’s of high value products was looking for a returns processing and redistribution solution to meet its growing sales numbers. Historic growth trends and seasonality, showed that they needed a service model that would allow them to adjust returns processing capability and warehouse size.  The client’s management also needed a tracking system and communications structure that would provide them with improved inventory tracking and near real time reporting capability.


Returns Management Inc. provided this growing manufacturing and distribution company with a full service solution that includes returns processing, product and parts storage, and order fulfillment all in one convenient location.  We established a single point of personal contact to facilitate communication. RMI manages all product and parts in the clients inventory and product management system. As confidence in inventory management increased, RMI assumed responsibility for all parts support globally.

RMI has provided an inventory reconciliation process that provides them with visibility and control of their entire product stock in real time.  Tracking reports detailing what has been shipped, complete with tracking numbers and pricing, give the client’s management teams an accurate, detailed, and up-to-date status of their returns processes, fulfillment, and orders. RMI has taken on a number of other projects including failure analysis, incoming product inspection and testing, remanufacturing, relabeling, repackaging, and shipment of both parts and pallet sized products.


RMI services have allowed this client to confidently roll out new products and year after year increase their sales and distribution. RMI provides returns management and warehouse capacity with improved flexibility. The account manager provides a single point of contact for their corporate management so they can communicate effectively with RMI.  RMI’s team has increased flexibility in the customer’s system capabilities and reporting techniques, which provides them with the information needed to make informed decisions. Product recovery improved to over 95% due to a custom repair and rebuild process. Product sales price improved by over 50%.