RMI – Product Returns Management


Learn How to Turn Your Returns Into Pure Profit!

Most managers fail to think about their company’s product returns—or wait until returns become too much to handle or start making a significant negative impact on the bottom line. Seize the opportunity to realize a second-chance profit from your products through “B-market” resale. 

Access the whitepaper and our returns management strategy to:

  • Strengthen vendor and customer relations
  • Improve “A-Market” product performance
  • Eliminate inventory inaccuracies
  • Increase revenue by reselling refurbished products

You no longer have to settle for losing money or breaking even on your returns! Refurbishing gives you the option of reselling your products and recouping a profit, as well as tapping into new revenue streams. Download our whitepaper to learn how.

Customers returning electronics products will cost U.S. consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers nearly $17 billion. See how to create a strategy to combat returns and turn those that are returned into profit.

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